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How a drought led to the rise of skateboarding in 1970s California

In the 1970s, California experienced a severe drought, which resulted in the emptying of many swimming pools in the state. This unintended consequence of the water shortage inadvertently led to the rise of skateboarding as we know it today. With empty swimming pools becoming the perfect terrain for skateboarding, Californians embraced their new pastime and quickly transformed it into a cultural phenomenon. The empty pools provided skaters with the opportunity to practice their skills and push the boundaries of the sport, leading to the development of new tricks and techniques that have since become iconic in the world of skateboarding.

Arizona Skateshop, Cowtown Skateboards, Brings Joy to Kids in Need With Skateboard Angel Program

Cowtown Skateboards, a skateshop in Arizona, has launched the Skateboard Angel Program, a initiative designed to bring joy to kids in need. Through this program, Cowtown Skateboards has been providing more than 1,000 skateboards to children who may not have had the opportunity to own one otherwise. The Skateboard Angel Program aims to give these kids a chance to experience the freedom and excitement that comes with skateboarding, while also fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among skateboarders. By providing skateboards to kids in need, Cowtown Skateboards is making a positive impact in their local community and spreading the love of skateboarding to a new generation.

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Man Hospitalized after Skateboard Incident on Zoo Drive [San Diego, CA]

In a recent incident in San Diego, a man was hospitalized following a skateboarding accident on Zoo Drive. Details surrounding the incident are still unclear, but it serves as a reminder of the importance of safety while skateboarding. It is crucial for skateboarders to wear appropriate protective gear, such as helmets and knee pads, and to be mindful of their surroundings while riding. Skateboarding can be a fun and thrilling activity, but it is essential to prioritize safety to prevent accidents and injuries.

Global Skateboard (Street Board, Long Board) Analysis Report 2023: A $4.25 Billion Market by 2030 – X Games and …

According to a recent analysis report, the global skateboard market is projected to reach $4.25 billion by 2030. The rising popularity of skateboarding as a recreational activity and a competitive sport, coupled with the increasing number of skateboarding events like the X Games, has contributed to the growth of this market. Skateboards are available in various types, including street boards and longboards, catering to the different preferences of skateboarders. As the skateboarding industry continues to expand, it presents opportunities for both established companies and new players to capitalize on the growing demand for skateboards and related accessories.

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Grade difficulty of skatepark features like ski runs to curb fall risk, say researchers

Researchers have proposed a new approach to designing skateparks to minimize the risk of falls and injuries. By grading the difficulty of skatepark features in a similar manner to ski runs, skateboarders can better assess the level of risk and make more informed decisions about the tricks they attempt. This grading system would categorize features as beginner, intermediate, or advanced, allowing skateboarders to progress gradually and reduce the likelihood of accidents. By considering the safety aspect of skatepark design, researchers hope to create environments that promote both skill development and injury prevention.

How to judge Olympic street skateboarding: Exclusive insights from head street judge Garrett Hill

As street skateboarding makes its Olympic debut, the judging criteria and process for evaluating performances are of great importance. In an exclusive interview, head street judge Garrett Hill provides insights into how Olympic street skateboarding is judged. The judges assess various factors, including difficulty, execution, style, and use of the course, to determine the scores of each skater. Hill emphasizes the importance of skaters showcasing their personal style and innovation while also executing technically demanding tricks. By understanding the intricacies of judging in Olympic street skateboarding, fans can gain a deeper appreciation for the sport and its athletes’ remarkable skills.

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City Council Set To Legalize Skateboards In Downtown Chattanooga

Skateboarding enthusiasts in Downtown Chattanooga have something to look forward to as the City Council plans to legalize skateboards in the area. This move comes after years of advocacy by passionate skateboarders who believe that skateboarding is not only a valuable form of transportation but also a vibrant part of urban culture. The decision to legalize skateboards in Downtown Chattanooga will provide a more inclusive and welcoming environment for skaters, promoting alternative modes of transportation and contributing to the city’s vibrant street life. Skateboarding is not only a recreational activity but also a practical means of getting around, and this change in legislation acknowledges its positive impact on the community.

Cowtown Skateboards Provides More Than 1,000 Boards to Kids in Need through Skateboard Angel

Cowtown Skateboards, a skate shop located in Arizona, has recently launched the Skateboard Angel program to bring joy to kids in need. Through this charitable initiative, Cowtown Skateboards has been able to provide over 1,000 skateboards to children who may not have had the opportunity to experience the thrill of skateboarding otherwise. By giving these kids the chance to ride a skateboard, Cowtown Skateboards is not only providing a source of joy and excitement but also promoting physical activity and outdoor play. The Skateboard Angel program is a testament to the positive impact of skateboarding and the community spirit fostered by the skateboarding community.

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Onewheel Skateboard Lawsuits Consolidated into MDL for Pretrial Proceedings

A number of lawsuits filed against Onewheel Skateboard have been consolidated into a multidistrict litigation (MDL) for pretrial proceedings. The consolidation of these cases will streamline the legal process, allowing for more efficient resolution of the claims. The lawsuits allege various issues with the Onewheel Skateboard, ranging from defective design to inadequate warnings regarding safety risks. As the legal proceedings unfold, it remains to be seen how these lawsuits will affect the future of Onewheel Skateboard and the broader electric skateboard industry.

These 3 companies turn waste into leather, speakers, skateboards

In an effort to reduce waste and promote sustainability, three companies have found innovative ways to repurpose materials into new products. By utilizing discarded materials, such as apple peels, grape skins, and old skateboards, these companies are able to create environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional products. For example, waste apple peels can be transformed into leather-like material for bags and accessories, while discarded skateboards can be repurposed into unique speakers. These companies exemplify the growing trend of upcycling and demonstrate that waste can be transformed into valuable resources with a little creativity and ingenuity.

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