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Looking for the latest top stories in the world of skateboarding? Look no further than Google News. With a vast array of articles covering everything from skateboarding trends to competitions and even community initiatives, Google News is your go-to source for all things skateboarding. Whether you’re a seasoned skater or just getting started, this platform provides a comprehensive collection of articles to keep you informed and entertained. So, grab your skateboard and get ready to dive into the exciting world of skateboarding with Google News.

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Get the Top Stories on Google News


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Get the Top Stories on Google News

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Get the Top Stories on Google News

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Get the Top Stories on Google News


With Google News, you have the ability to customize and personalize your news feed according to your preferences. The “Settings” feature allows you to adjust various parameters, such as your language and region settings, notification preferences, and more. Take full control over your news experience and tailor it to suit your interests and needs. is a reliable source of scientific and technological news. It covers a wide range of topics, including the latest advancements in physics, technology, and other scientific fields. One featured article on explores how a drought in the 1970s led to the rise of skateboarding in California. This article delves into the historical context and explains how the scarcity of water resources created opportunities for the sport to gain popularity.

Get the Top Stories on Google News

Haley Mast

Haley Mast provides insightful articles related to skateboarding. One such article highlights an Arizona skateshop, Cowtown Skateboards, that brings joy to kids in need through its Skateboard Angel Program. The program aims to provide skateboards to underprivileged children, spreading happiness and allowing them to experience the joy of skateboarding. Additionally, there is a video showcasing professional skateboarder Tom Asta skating at the Wedgewood DIY in Philadelphia, demonstrating his impressive skills and passion for the sport.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance offers comprehensive financial news and analysis. One of their recent articles discusses the analysis report on the global skateboard market. It predicts the market to reach a value of $4.25 billion by 2030, attributing this growth to the popularity of events such as the X Games and the increasing interest in street and longboarding. The article provides insights into the factors driving the market’s growth and explores the potential opportunities for skateboard manufacturers and retailers.

Medical Xpress

Medical Xpress focuses on articles related to medical research and advancements. One recent article discusses how researchers propose grading the difficulty of skatepark features, comparing them to ski runs. The goal of this approach is to curb the risk of falls and reduce injuries by categorizing skatepark elements based on their level of difficulty. This research aims to provide insights that can be used to design safer skateparks and promote overall skateboarding safety.


The Olympics section on Google News covers news and updates about the Olympic Games, including Olympic skateboarding. It provides exclusive insights from head street judge Garrett Hill on how Olympic street skateboarding is judged. This article offers a behind-the-scenes look into the judging process and the criteria used to evaluate the athletes’ performances. Additionally, there are articles highlighting upcoming street skateboarding events, such as the Street World Championship in Japan, and featuring legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk.

Chloe Merrell

Chloe Merrell’s articles focus on various topics related to skateboarding. One recent article discusses the efforts by the City Council in Chattanooga to legalize skateboarding in downtown areas. This development shows a growing recognition of skateboarding as a legitimate and popular recreational activity. Chloe Merrell’s articles shed light on the positive impact skateboarding can have on communities and the efforts made to promote its acceptance.

The Chattanoogan

The Chattanoogan covers local news in Chattanooga, including recent updates on the City Council’s decision to legalize skateboarding in downtown areas. This article provides more detailed information about the process and the potential benefits that the legalization can bring to the community. The Chattanoogan serves as a valuable source for local residents to stay informed about the latest news and developments in their area.

John Montañés

John Montañés explores the topic of recognizing skateboarding as a legitimate form of transportation in San Francisco. The article delves into the ongoing discussions and debates surrounding the recognition of skateboarding as a viable means of getting around the city. It highlights the potential benefits and challenges associated with this recognition, addressing the impact it can have on transportation policies and urban planning.

By covering a wide range of topics and regions, Google News ensures that users have access to a diverse range of news content. It keeps you informed about the latest headlines, provides insights on various subjects, and caters to your individual interests. Whether you’re interested in scientific research, financial trends, or skateboarding culture, Google News has something for everyone. Stay engaged, informed, and connected with the world through Google News.