How Can I Achieve Better Skateboard Pop On My Tricks?

If you’re an aspiring skateboarder looking to level up your tricks, one crucial aspect you should focus on is achieving better skateboard pop. The ability to generate a higher pop can elevate your tricks to new heights, but it takes practice and technique. In this article, we will explore some effective tips and techniques that can help you enhance your skateboard pop and take your tricks to the next level. So, grab your board, get ready for some friendly advice, and let’s dive into the world of skateboard pop!

How Can I Achieve Better Skateboard Pop On My Tricks?

Improving Pop Technique

When it comes to achieving better skateboard pop on your tricks, there are several key factors to consider. Mastering these techniques will help you execute tricks with more control, height, and style.

Foot Placement

Proper foot placement is an essential element in improving your pop technique. Position your front foot slightly angled towards the nose of the skateboard, with your toes aligned across the width of the deck. Your back foot should be placed on the tail, near the edge, at a slight angle to generate more power during the pop.

Weight Distribution

Maintaining the correct weight distribution is crucial for a powerful pop. As you prepare to pop, shift your weight towards your back foot to load the tail of the skateboard. This will help you generate the necessary energy to propel yourself off the ground. Once you pop, transfer your weight back towards the front foot to level out your board and maintain balance during the trick.


Timing plays a significant role in achieving optimal pop on your tricks. As you shift your weight towards your back foot, it’s important to time it correctly to maximize the energy transfer. Practice finding the sweet spot where you can generate maximum force from the tail of your skateboard. Experiment with different timing variations until you find the rhythm that works best for you.

Leg Strength

Developing leg strength is crucial for enhancing skateboard pop. Incorporate exercises like squats, lunges, and calf raises into your fitness routine to improve the power and stability in your legs. Building strong leg muscles will enable you to generate more force during the pop, resulting in higher and more controlled tricks.

Selecting the Right Skateboard

To achieve better skateboard pop on your tricks, it’s essential to choose a skateboard that suits your style and preferences. Consider the following factors when selecting the right skateboard.

Deck Size and Shape

The size and shape of the skateboard deck directly impact your pop. Deck sizes typically range from 7.5 to 8.5 inches, with smaller sizes offering more control while larger sizes provide more stability. Experiment with different sizes to find the one that feels comfortable and allows you to execute tricks with better pop.


The concave of a skateboard refers to the curved shape of the deck. Opt for a concave that feels comfortable and provides a responsive feel under your feet. A deeper concave can enhance the connection between your feet and the board, enabling better control and pop.


When selecting a skateboard, pay attention to the pop it offers. Pop refers to the board’s ability to spring back into the air after being compressed. Look for skateboards with quality pop to achieve higher and more explosive tricks. Consider the material and construction of the skateboard deck, as it can significantly impact the pop.


Different skateboard materials can affect the pop and overall performance. Traditional wooden decks are popular for their natural flex and pop. However, there are also alternative materials like carbon fiber or composite decks that offer increased durability and pop. Experiment with different materials to find the one that suits your preferences and enhances your pop technique.

Choosing the Right Wheels

The wheels you choose for your skateboard are crucial for achieving better skateboard pop on your tricks. Consider the following factors when selecting the right wheels.


Wheel hardness is measured on the durometer scale. Softer wheels (78A-87A) offer more grip and are suitable for cruising or riding on rough surfaces but may lack the pop. Harder wheels (88A-101A) provide a faster and more responsive pop, making them ideal for tricks on smooth surfaces. Experiment with different hardness levels to find the perfect balance for your pop technique.


Wheel diameter also plays a role in skateboard pop. Smaller wheels (50-53mm) offer a lower center of gravity and increased stability, making them ideal for technical tricks. Larger wheels (54-60mm) provide more speed and smoother ride, but they may sacrifice some of the quickness in pop. Consider your style, terrain, and preferences when selecting the diameter of your wheels.


Wheel shape can impact the performance of your skateboard pop. Choose between conical, square-edged, or rounded wheels based on your riding style and preference. Conical wheels offer a balance between speed and maneuverability, while square-edged wheels provide a more consistent pop. Rounded wheels can enhance sliding and are popular in street skateboarding. Experiment with different shapes to find the one that works best for your pop tricks.


Investing in quality bearings is essential for achieving better skateboard pop. Look for bearings that offer durability, smoothness, and minimal friction. High-quality bearings will provide a more efficient transfer of energy from your pop to the wheels, resulting in increased speed and height. Regularly clean and lubricate your bearings to maintain their performance and prolong their lifespan.

Maintaining Your Skateboard

Proper maintenance of your skateboard is crucial for consistent and reliable pop. Regularly check and maintain the following aspects of your skateboard.

Keeping Your Trucks Tight

Ensure that your trucks are appropriately tightened to maintain stability and control. Loose trucks can affect your pop, making it less consistent and stable. Experiment with different degrees of tightness until you find the sweet spot that allows for optimal pop and maneuverability.

Replacing Worn-Out Parts

Regularly inspect your skateboard for signs of wear and tear. Replace worn-out components such as grip tape, wheels, bearings, and bushings to maintain optimal performance and pop. A well-maintained skateboard will provide you with better pop and overall control during your tricks.

Cleaning and Lubricating Bearings

Keeping your skateboard bearings clean and well-lubricated is essential for smooth and efficient pop. Regularly clean your bearings with a suitable solvent and lubricate them to reduce friction and maintain their performance. Clean bearings will ensure that energy transfer during your pop is seamless, resulting in higher and more controlled tricks.

Ensuring Board Flexibility

Over time, skateboard decks can lose their flexibility, affecting the pop and overall performance. Regularly check the flexibility of your deck and replace it if it becomes too rigid. A flexible deck will provide a more responsive pop and allow you to execute tricks with better style and control.

How Can I Achieve Better Skateboard Pop On My Tricks?

Practicing Pop Techniques

Regular practice is essential for improving your skateboard pop. Focus on mastering the following fundamental tricks to enhance your pop technique.


The ollie is the foundation of many skateboarding tricks and requires a strong pop. Start by popping the tail of your skateboard while sliding your front foot forward to level out the board in mid-air. Practice your ollies on different surfaces and experiment with variations like the nollie or switch ollie to improve your pop technique.


The kickflip involves an ollie while simultaneously flicking the edge of the skateboard with your front foot to make it rotate. Mastering the kickflip requires precision and a strong pop. Practice popping with a controlled flick, ensuring that the board spins smoothly and you land with control.

Pop Shuvit

The pop shuvit involves popping the tail of your skateboard and simultaneously using your front foot to spin the board 180 or 360 degrees horizontally. This trick requires a powerful pop and precise timing to execute smoothly. Practice mastering the pop shuvit on different surfaces until you achieve a clean pop and rotation.


Similar to the kickflip, the heelflip combines an ollie with a flick using your heel to make the skateboard rotate. The heelflip requires strong pop and a precise flick motion. Practice popping with a controlled heel flick, ensuring that the board rotates smoothly and you land with stability.

Utilizing Proper Body Mechanics

Proper body mechanics play a significant role in achieving better skateboard pop on your tricks. Pay attention to the following techniques to maximize your pop potential.

Bending Your Knees

Maintain a slight bend in your knees throughout your tricks to optimize your pop. Bending your knees helps absorb impact, provides stability, and allows for better control during the trick execution. Practice keeping your knees bent and fluid throughout all stages of your pop tricks.

Popping with Your Back Foot

Your back foot generates the initial pop in most skateboard tricks. Focus on using your back foot to create a powerful and explosive pop by pushing down on the tail of the skateboard. The stronger and more forceful your pop, the higher and more controlled your tricks will be.

Flicking Your Front Foot

In tricks that involve flicking the skateboard with your front foot, focus on a precise and quick flicking motion. Use the edge of your foot to execute the flick with control and speed. The proper timing and technique in your front foot flick will contribute to a clean and consistent pop.

Body Rotation

In certain tricks, body rotation can enhance your pop and style. Experiment with rotating your body in conjunction with your tricks to add flair and improve balance. Incorporating body rotation can give your pop tricks a unique and visually appealing aspect.

How Can I Achieve Better Skateboard Pop On My Tricks?

Developing Strength and Flexibility

To achieve better skateboard pop on your tricks, it’s important to work on your strength and flexibility. Incorporate the following exercises and routines into your training regimen.

Exercises for Leg Strength

Focus on exercises that target your leg muscles, such as squats, lunges, and calf raises. These exercises help build strength in your legs, enabling you to generate more power during your pops. Incorporate both bodyweight and weighted exercises to continually challenge and strengthen your leg muscles.

Stretching and Flexibility Routines

Maintaining flexibility is essential for executing tricks with better pop. Incorporate stretching routines that target your hip flexors, hamstrings, and calves to improve your range of motion and prevent injuries. Regular stretching will help you achieve better extension and control during your pops.

Core and Upper Body Exercises

A strong core and upper body contribute to overall stability, balance, and control during skateboard tricks. Incorporate exercises such as planks, push-ups, and pull-ups to strengthen your core, arms, and back muscles. A strong upper body will provide better stability and control during your pop tricks.

Balance and Stabilization Training

Improving your balance and stabilization skills will translate into better pop on your tricks. Incorporate exercises such as single-leg squats, balance board training, and yoga poses that involve balancing on one leg. Effective balance and stabilization training will enhance your overall control and pop in various skateboarding scenarios.

Analyzing and Adjusting Techniques

Analyzing and adjusting your techniques is essential for achieving better skateboard pop. Consider the following approaches to refine your tricks.

Video Analysis

Record yourself performing tricks and analyze the footage to identify areas for improvement. Look for inconsistencies in your pop technique, body positioning, and timing. Compare your footage to professional skateboarders’ videos to gain insights into their pop techniques and incorporate them into your own style.

Getting Feedback from Other Skaters

Seek feedback from fellow skaters or coaches who have experience and knowledge in improving pop technique. Share your concerns and ask for constructive criticism to identify areas that need improvement. Gaining an outside perspective can provide valuable insights and help you make necessary adjustments to your pop.

Experimenting with Stance

Try experimenting with different stances to find the one that allows for optimal pop and control. Experiment with your foot placement, width, and angle to find the most comfortable and efficient stance for your pop tricks. Adjusting your stance can significantly impact your pop technique and overall performance.

Adjusting Popping Motion

Take the time to analyze and adjust your popping motion. Experiment with the forcefulness and timing of your pop to achieve maximum height and control. Play around with varying degrees of compression and release to find the sweet spot that provides a consistent and powerful pop.

How Can I Achieve Better Skateboard Pop On My Tricks?

Building Confidence and Commitment

Building confidence and commitment is key to achieving better skateboard pop. Focus on the following strategies to boost your confidence and commitment levels.

Visualizing Success

Visualize yourself executing tricks with perfect pop, height, and control. Create a mental image of yourself landing tricks flawlessly and with confidence. Visualizing success can help build confidence and prepare your mind for successful pop tricks.

Progressive Training

Gradually progress your training by starting with simpler tricks and gradually working your way up to more complex maneuvers. Progression allows you to build confidence, technique, and strength, ultimately leading to better skateboard pop. Celebrate each achievement along the way to boost your motivation and confidence further.

Overcoming Fear

Fear can hinder your progress in achieving better skateboard pop. Acknowledge and face your fears, embracing them as opportunities for growth. Break down tricks into smaller components, gradually building up your comfort level. Practice in a controlled and safe environment to gradually overcome any fears and build confidence.

Staying Motivated

Maintaining motivation is crucial in achieving better skateboard pop. Set goals for yourself, both short-term and long-term, and track your progress. Surround yourself with a supportive community of skaters, attend skateboarding events, and seek inspiration from professional skateboarders. Staying motivated will drive you to consistently work on your pop technique and achieve better results.

Getting Professional Guidance

Seeking professional guidance is an excellent way to accelerate your progress in achieving better skateboard pop. Consider the following options for expert guidance.

Skateboarding Lessons

Enroll in skateboarding lessons taught by experienced instructors who can provide personalized guidance and feedback. Learning from professionals will help you refine your technique, correct bad habits, and improve your pop execution. Lessons also provide a structured learning environment that aids in consistent progress and skill development.


Hiring a skateboarding coach can provide you with individualized attention and focused training sessions. A coach will analyze your pop technique, identify areas for improvement, and provide targeted drills and exercises to enhance your pop. With their expertise and guidance, you can make significant progress in achieving better skateboard pop.

Skateboard Clinics

Participating in skateboard clinics or workshops led by professional skateboarders can be an invaluable experience. These clinics offer the opportunity to learn from experts, gain insights into their pop techniques, and receive direct feedback on your own performance. Clinics often foster a supportive and motivating environment that can push you to achieve new heights in your pop.

Pro Skater Tips

Keep up with the latest skateboarding content, magazines, and online tutorials featuring professional skateboarders. Many pro skaters share valuable tips and insights into their pop techniques through interviews, videos, and social media accounts. Study their techniques, mindset, and training methods to further refine your own pop technique.

In conclusion, achieving better skateboard pop on your tricks requires a combination of technical mastery, physical conditioning, and mental focus. By focusing on proper foot placement, weight distribution, timing, and leg strength, you can enhance your pop technique. Selecting the right skateboard, including considerations for deck size and shape, concave, pop, and materials, will further enhance your pop potential. Choosing the correct wheels, maintaining your skateboard, and practicing various pop techniques will ensure consistent performance. By utilizing proper body mechanics, developing strength and flexibility, analyzing and adjusting techniques, building confidence and commitment, and seeking professional guidance, you can take your skateboard pop to new heights. Enjoy the journey, stay persistent, and remember to have fun along the way!

How Can I Achieve Better Skateboard Pop On My Tricks?