How Do You Select Skateboard Grip Tape For Tricks And Flicks?

Are you a skateboarding enthusiast who loves to perform tricks and flicks? If so, then choosing the right grip tape for your skateboard is crucial. Grip tape plays a significant role in ensuring that your feet stay firmly planted on the board, allowing you to execute those impressive tricks with precision and control. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know which grip tape to choose. In this article, we will explore various factors to consider when selecting the perfect grip tape that will enhance your skateboarding experience.

How Do You Select Skateboard Grip Tape For Tricks And Flicks?

Factors to Consider

When selecting skateboard grip tape for tricks and flicks, there are several factors that you should take into account. Each of these factors plays a key role in determining how well the grip tape will perform and how it will enhance your skateboarding experience. To help you make an informed decision, let’s explore each of these factors in detail.


Durability is a crucial factor to consider when choosing grip tape for tricks and flicks. As skateboarders, we know that our boards go through a lot of wear and tear, so the grip tape needs to be able to withstand constant use and abuse. When evaluating the durability of grip tape, there are a few important aspects to consider.

Firstly, the material quality is of utmost importance. High-quality grip tape is typically made of durable materials that can handle the rigors of skateboarding. Look for grip tape that is made from a strong and resilient material.

Secondly, tear resistance is another important consideration. Grip tape that is prone to tearing can lead to a deteriorated grip and decreased control, which can be dangerous during tricks and flicks. Opt for grip tape that is known for its tear resistance to ensure durability.

Lastly, wear and weather resistance are also essential factors to consider. Grip tape that is resistant to wear and weather elements will last longer and maintain its performance, even in wet or high-intensity conditions. Keep an eye out for grip tape that is designed to withstand the elements and resist wear.


Grip is a vital aspect of skateboard grip tape, especially when it comes to tricks and flicks. The grip tape should provide a secure hold on your skateboard deck, allowing you to maintain proper foot placement and execute tricks with confidence. When considering the grip of a grip tape, there are a few key aspects to keep in mind.

Firstly, you’ll want to consider whether you prefer a coarse or fine grit texture. Coarse grip tape offers a more aggressive grip, while fine grip tape provides a smoother feel underfoot. The choice between coarse and fine grip tape ultimately comes down to personal preference and the type of tricks and flicks you prefer.

Secondly, the feel underfoot is an important factor to consider. You want to choose grip tape that feels comfortable and secure. Some skateboarders prefer a grippier feel, while others prefer a slightly less sticky surface. It’s crucial to find the right balance that suits your individual style and preferences.

Lastly, the ability to maintain grip over time is essential. Grip tape that loses its grip quickly can be frustrating and potentially dangerous. Look for grip tape that is known for its ability to maintain a strong grip, even after prolonged use.


The texture of the grip tape can significantly impact your skateboard experience. Texture refers to the surface characteristics of the grip tape, such as whether it is smooth or rough, and whether it is porous or non-porous. Each texture option has its benefits, so it’s important to consider your personal preferences and the type of tricks and flicks you will be performing.

A smooth surface texture offers a sleek and refined feel underfoot, allowing for easy foot movement and transitions during tricks. On the other hand, a rough surface texture provides enhanced grip and control, making it ideal for executing precise flicks and tricks that require a secure hold.

Porous grip tape allows air and moisture to pass through, which can be beneficial for skaters who sweat profusely or skate in humid environments. Non-porous grip tape, on the other hand, is resistant to moisture, making it suitable for skaters who prefer a drier and more consistent grip.

Additionally, texture plays a role in board feel, which refers to how connected you feel to your skateboard. Some skateboarders prefer grip tape with a subtle texture, as it allows them to feel the board more directly and enhance their overall control and responsiveness.


The adhesive properties of grip tape are crucial for ensuring a secure and long-lasting bond between the deck and the grip tape. When selecting grip tape for tricks and flicks, you’ll want to consider the stickiness and strength of the adhesive, as well as the ease of application and removability.

A strong adhesive is essential to prevent the grip tape from peeling or shifting during intense tricks and flicks. Look for grip tape that is known for its strong adhesive properties, ensuring that it stays firmly in place throughout your skateboarding sessions.

Additionally, the stickiness of the adhesive can affect the ease of application. Opt for grip tape that is easy to apply, allowing for a smooth and bubble-free installation. Furthermore, consider the removability of the grip tape if you like to change your grip tape designs frequently. Grip tape that is easy to remove without leaving residue can save you time and effort.


The size of the grip tape is another crucial factor to consider when selecting grip tape for tricks and flicks. Most skateboard decks come in standard sizes, so it’s important to choose grip tape that matches the dimensions of your deck.

Standard skateboard grip tape is typically around 9 inches wide and 33 inches long, suitable for most skateboard decks. However, some skateboarders prefer to have a bit of extra grip tape hanging off the edges of their boards, while others may prefer a narrower or shorter grip tape for specific tricks and personal preferences.

If you’re looking for customizable options, there are grip tapes available that can be easily cut to fit your desired size and shape. These customizable grip tapes allow you to create a grip tape setup that suits your unique style and needs.

Color and Design

While the color and design of grip tape may not directly impact its performance, it can make a difference in your overall skateboarding experience. The color and design of your grip tape can add a personal touch to your skateboard, allowing you to express your individuality and style.

Some skateboarders prefer a simple and clean black grip tape, as it provides a timeless and classic look. Others may opt for colored grip tape to add a pop of color and vibrancy to their setup. Graphic grip tape is another option that allows you to showcase your favorite designs, logos, or artwork on your skateboard.

When considering the color and design of your grip tape, it’s essential to choose something that resonates with you and inspires you to skate. After all, skateboarding is all about self-expression and having fun on your board.

Types of Grip Tape

Now that we have explored the various factors to consider when selecting grip tape for tricks and flicks, let’s delve into the different types of grip tape available in the market.

Black Grip Tape

Black grip tape is the most common and widely used option among skateboarders. It offers a timeless and sleek look while providing a reliable grip. Black grip tape is versatile, suiting various skate styles and preferences.

Colored Grip Tape

Colored grip tape is a great choice for skateboarders who want to add a splash of personality to their setup. With colored grip tape, you can choose from a wide range of vibrant colors to match your style and make a statement. Colored grip tape is an excellent option for skateboarders who appreciate a visually distinctive grip tape.

Graphic Grip Tape

Graphic grip tape allows you to express yourself through your skateboard setup. It features various designs, logos, or artwork that can add a unique and eye-catching element to your grip tape. Whether you prefer bold and striking graphics or more subtle and intricate designs, graphic grip tape offers endless possibilities for customization.

Clear Grip Tape

Clear grip tape is a more understated option for skateboarders who prefer a minimalist look. While it may not have the vibrant colors or graphics of other types of grip tape, clear grip tape offers a sleek and clean aesthetic that allows the natural beauty of your skateboard deck to shine through.

How Do You Select Skateboard Grip Tape For Tricks And Flicks?

Suitability for Tricks and Flicks

When selecting grip tape for tricks and flicks, its suitability for these specific skateboarding maneuvers is of utmost importance. The grip tape should enhance your stability and control, provide optimal board responsiveness, and be ideal for executing flip tricks.

Stability and Control

Tricks and flicks require precise foot placement and a secure grip on the skateboard deck. Grip tape that offers excellent stability and control can make a significant difference in your ability to execute these maneuvers successfully.

Look for grip tape that offers a strong and reliable grip, allowing you to confidently land your tricks with precision. Additionally, grip tape with a coarse texture can provide enhanced grip, ensuring that your feet stay firmly planted on the board.

Board Responsiveness

Board responsiveness is another crucial factor when it comes to tricks and flicks. Your grip tape should allow you to feel connected to your skateboard, allowing for quick and precise movements.

Grip tape with a smooth surface texture can provide a better board feel, enabling you to sense the subtle movements of your skateboard more accurately. This enhanced responsiveness can help you fine-tune your tricks and flicks and improve your overall skateboarding performance.

Ideal for Flip Tricks

Flip tricks require a combination of skill, precision, and the right grip. Grip tape that excels at flip tricks should provide a balance between grip and flickability.

A fine-grit texture can be beneficial for flip tricks, as it allows for a smooth release during flicks. Additionally, grip tape that maintains its grip even after repeated flicks and landings will enable you to consistently execute flip tricks.

How Do You Select Skateboard Grip Tape For Tricks And Flicks?

Testing and Experimentation

Selecting the perfect grip tape for tricks and flicks may require some trial and error. Every skateboarder has unique preferences, and what works for one person may not work for another. Here are some tips for testing and experimenting with different grip tape options.

Trying Different Grip Tape Brands

There are numerous grip tape brands available in the market, each offering its unique grip tape qualities. To find your preferred grip tape for tricks and flicks, consider trying out different brands and comparing their performance.

Pay attention to the factors discussed earlier, such as durability, grip, texture, adhesive, size, and color/design. Take note of how each grip tape feels underfoot, its ability to maintain grip over time, and its overall performance during tricks and flicks.

Evaluating Performance During Practice

Practicing tricks and flicks is the best way to assess how well a particular grip tape performs. Take note of how the grip tape affects your stability, control, and board responsiveness during different tricks and flicks.

Evaluate whether the grip tape allows you to consistently execute your tricks with confidence and precision. Notice any improvements in your overall skateboarding performance and determine whether the grip tape contributes positively to your tricks and flicks.

Seeking Recommendations from Experienced Skateboarders

Experienced skateboarders can provide valuable insights and recommendations when it comes to selecting grip tape for tricks and flicks. Reach out to fellow skateboarders who excel in tricks and flicks and ask for their recommendations.

Skateboarders who have extensive experience with different grip tape options can offer valuable advice, sharing their personal preferences and insights based on their own skateboarding journeys. Their recommendations can help narrow down your options and guide you towards the grip tape that best suits your tricks and flicks.

In conclusion, selecting the right grip tape for tricks and flicks is crucial for enhancing your overall skateboarding experience. Consider the factors of durability, grip, texture, adhesive, size, and color/design when making your decision. Keep in mind your personal preferences and skateboarding style, and don’t be afraid to experiment and seek recommendations from experienced skateboarders. With the perfect grip tape, you’ll be able to confidently execute tricks and flicks with precision and style.

How Do You Select Skateboard Grip Tape For Tricks And Flicks?